Monday, 8 September 2014

Blogging Break

Well, my laptop is broken. I do all my stamping creations and blogging with it. I lost all my files. Boo hoo! It depends on how long the British Columbia teacher strike will be my husband (he's not a teacher) will have to work part time. Not much income will be coming in so I will not be getting a new laptop anytime soon. And my son's laptop was broken few months back. He needs a laptop for school. He is using his dad's right now. So that's 2 laptops down and 3 people sharing one. Also, my Canon DSLR camera was broken a couple of months back. Yes, a certain teenager broke it. No, my son didn't do it. He is a responsible young man. One of his friends did it. Now my son has to save money for a new one. He loves photography and he could have use that as one of his electives for school. Now he can't do that. Because of all of our gadgets broken at the same time I've decided to take a blogging break. Not sure how long that will be. Saving money with one income is not easy. Will take me awhile. Anyway, enjoy visiting my old posts. I'll be back some day.