Saturday, 29 March 2008

Decorations From The Baby Shower

This was what I decorated for the baby shower. Very simple. All the ladies loved it.
I gave all these away for game prizes.

A close up at this little airplane on the top of the paper candy dish (fortune teller paper basket). For this one I used the designer paper(DP) and covered the cert for the body, covered the gum for the wing and used life saver candy for the wheels. I used a rubber band to hold the plane all together. These airplane are too cute.

This view shows the whole thing. It shows the candy dish filled with Cadbury Easter eggs.

This was the biggest airplane. I made four of these. I used Hershey chocolate bar for the wing, Mentos for the body and the peach ring candy for the wheels. I covered the wheel with saran wrap so it can still be edible.

This one was the medium size airplane. I also made four of these. I used the Hershey stick for the body, gum for the wing and Life Saver for the wheels.

Hope you enjoy looking at these cute airplanes. I sure enjoyed making them.

Happy Stamping!


Rita said...

You did a fantastic job! I bet everyone loved it & had a great time!

Deborah said...

That was lots of work! Great airplanes and goodies! What a nice table! Deb