Saturday, 1 August 2009

NSR (not stamping related): My husband's blog

My husband has been so good to us. He hasn't worked a full time job in 6 months. Everything he has done to earn money is part time and really difficult for him. I can see the sorrow in his eyes when he is sad. I know it bothers him a lot and he hides it so well from everyone except me.

Just recently he put up a blog that advertises his design/layout skills. He focuses on church bulletins for some local churches and would like to expand his services internationally. Everything is done through email without having to step foot out or into an office. If you know of a church or even your home church that needs some design work done you can contact him at You can view his blog here. Have a look and tell me what you think.


Susan said...

Deanna, I didn't realize your husband had been out of a job. If it's ok with him, I'll repost this on my blog to try to help out - we know how it is to need some extra income! :)

charlotte said...

Your husband does excellent work - he should expand his work and do work for others - I hope he gets some referrals.

Rita said...

Wow he does great work Deanna! I hope & pray that he gets lots of business.