Thursday, 3 September 2009

My DH has a new blog!

My DH is now on the stamping war path. Months of his so called laziness has inspired him to stamp and make cards again! You can check out his latest creation at his new blog at There he makes cards with cardboard of all things. He thinks it is going to be the next big thing!

I know that he is trying to make ends meet and life a little easier. It's just taking longer than he wants it to. He is going to sell all his creations at his Etsy store. Pray for him. He is trying hard to support us. The bus company called him last week and he is back on the spare list. It's a long go but he is glad to be back with them. He will be training to up his drivers license to class 2. It means he can drive a bus that has more than 24 passengers.

Happy Stamping,

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Rita said...

I like his card Deanna. Who would have thought you could get something so beautiful from cardboard!