Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ladies' Christmas Tea 2011 Part 2

Today I'm showing you pictures of my table.

Here is a picture of my friend and I next to our table. We hosted a table together.
She and I made most of the decorations.

Another view of our table.

The centre piece was branches sprayed in silver. My friend had this crazy idea to have the branches silver coloured but we both don't know how to do it. My wonderful husband graciously sprayed it silver for us.
He also sprayed the rocks too to match the branches. The rocks helped way down the branches so they wont top over.

I crocheted this flower. I made 8 of these and they were very easy to crochet. It was a napkin ring and the guest can also take it apart from the ring and wear the flower.
My friend crocheted a sample and I copied it. I don't understand written instructions on crocheting.

Here was an ornament I made using the Petal Cone Die. 
Added some snowflakes and glitters to them.

My friend folded the napkins. They were shaped like a tree.
She also block printed the words onto the napkins. 
She have an Etsy store quotesandnotes where she sells block printing items and other goodies.

Our place setting.

See the crocheted snowflake on the glass cup? My friend crocheted that. 
She made white ones also. And the tag on the straw she did that too.

Close up of the crocheted snowflakes and crochet yarn balls.

My friend made this banner that goes around the table. 
The words on the banner are the same as the napkin.

The place card was made using the Top Note Die folded in half and then embossed.
The lollipop was chocolate covered Oreo cookie on a stick.

Close up of the place cards.

Beautiful origami cranes made by my friend. They are made from fabric. 
The words are the same words as the napkin. 

 This was the table runner made from red burlap. 
I used crochet thread to do the edges and the snowflakes.
The snowflakes were a challenge. It took me awhile to do them.

I just tied the ends of the crochet thread into a bow. Nothing too fancy.

Last but not least. We gotta have a picture of the goodies. These were just some of them.
There were at least 18 different kinds of yummies. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the jello cheesecake squares my friend made. It was yummy.

Hope you all enjoy looking at the decorations from the other tables and ours.

Merry Christmas!


Rita said...

Gorgeous table Deanna! You both did an amazing job! Love the topnote placecards & those crochet balls & snowflakes really stand out, I love those. Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Helen said...

Wow, the ladies who sat at your table must felt very special. I love the crochet flowers. it is even better that they could wear it. You and your friend did a marvelous job. Lots of work but well worth it won't you agree?

Romaine said...

Wow, what lucky ladies! You both did a fantatic job!

Marlene (Quotes and Notes) said...

It was GREAT fun hosting and making the table decor with you, Deanna!! I think we went a little crazy with all those ideas (at least that's what our hubbies think)..but it was worth it. :) We should definitely team up again for some future events!

dragonfly60 said...

Absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Irene L

Louise Brown said...

Deanna you did an amazing job on your table. Nice silver branches with the ornaments hung. Good idea with the petal cone die.
Also your flower napkin rings were darling.
Love the dessert plate, made my mouth water...ha!!

John Cruz said...

This table -- wow.