Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wedding Essential

Guess what? I found the wedding creation pictures. They were in Martin's computer. I never thought they would be in his computer. I search and search on all the SD cards we got and they were not in any of the cards. I'm glad they were not deleted.

I made these wedding stuff for my brother's wedding. My SIL was very easy to work with. She's not picky at all. She's a sweetheart.

This is the picture of the menu card and a tag for the maraca. The tag said "stand and shake with all your might to see the groom and bride kiss tonight". I love it. It is so cute. One of my nephew really enjoy shaking the maracas.

This is the other side of the tag.

Colourful maracas favours.

This is the ring pillow I made long time ago for my wedding. I just changed the flower and ribbon to match their wedding colour.

This is the table number card.

This is the guest book. The frame piece on the book cover opens up and there is their picture inside.

Here is one of the pages inside the guest book. I put their wedding invitation and respond card in the guest book. Unfortunately I did not make the invitations.

Here is another page in the guest book. I added pictures to each pages and the guest can sign around them.

Hope you enjoy looking at the wedding stuff. I enjoy making them.

Thank you for visiting today.


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Helen said...

Wow, everything is so elegant!