Monday, 16 July 2012

My Family Annual Camping Trip

Hello, everyone! I'm back from my family annual camping trip. There were 24 of us camping together. We rented 4 sites and probably the noisiest bunch. lol We went to Shuswap lake up north/east about 5 hours drive from  Vancouver. It was a very nice campsite.

2 days before we left for our camping trip my oldest daughter asked me to make a camping book for her to write about her trip. Of course I can't just make 1 so I made 7 of these. I only made for the little ones this time since it was so last minute. Very simple book for her to track down what she did during camping.

 This was the section of the lake for dogs. You can let your dogs swim here.

 Picture of islands across the lake.

 Here a picture me sitting on a bench by the beach. Did you notice the level of water under me? 2 weeks before we were here it rained so much it flooded the lake and the inland. Lots of pools of still water on the inland so there were lots and lots of mosquito.  I got about 60 mosquito bites. I'm itchy all over.

Picture of the entrance.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of my camping trip. Thank you for stopping by!


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