Friday 21 September 2012

12 Christmas Keepsake Boxes Tutorials 2012- Bundle

Hope you enjoy looking at all the 12 Christmas Keepsake Boxes the past 12 days. Hope this will get you into the spirit of making gifts early this year. It might seem early but Christmas will be upon us before we even know it.

These boxes can be filled with Christmas treats or some beautiful little gifts you want to package them in. They can also be hung on a Christmas tree, on a mantle or deck your halls with them. Either way they are beautiful to have.

These box tutorials are templates I've created and uses very little supplies to make. Each box is about 6" to 8" long and 3" to 7-1/2" wide. The tutorials are step-by-step photo instructions. You'll receive a PDF within 24 hours upon payment. All PDF tutorials are non refundable.
You'll need a trimmer that has a 16th of an inch measurements to make these boxes.

So here are 2 ways you can purchase the box tutorials.

12 Boxes Bundle for $36.00 (that's $12 savings for 12 boxes)

Individual Box for $3.95 each

My choice is:

My choices are:

Click on each name to see the individual box.

Ornament 1
Ornament 2
Ornament 3
Ornament 4
Ornament 5
Ornament 6
Star 1
Star 2
Tree 1
Tree 2

If you know someone interest in these tutorials please DO NOT share the tutorials, instead direct them to my blog to purchase. Thank you.



Helen said...

they are so pretty! can you tell me how big is the stocking one and it is something that I can just print out and assemble?

JustNeedling said...

The stocking is about 6-1/2" long and 5" wide at the foot part. It is a template you print out, cut and then assemble. Some pieces need to be cut with a trimmer.

Rita said...

Deanna I will be ordering your box templates when I get back home from vacation. Thanks for all your hard work on creating these boxes for us to buy. I put your picture & blog link on my Pinterest so I hope to get you some business, I have a lot of people following me on Pinterest so I hope it helps with them buying your boxes. I can't wait to make them...they are soooo beautiful! Good luck!