Thursday, 2 January 2014

Box For The Disney Frozen Cup

My niece is a New Year baby. She turned 5 this year. We bought her a Disney Frozen cup put money in it. She loves the Frozen movie products so I thought she can buy whatever she does not have yet. I made a box to house the cup and matched the colour to the cup.

I made a hole in the middle of the lid so the straw can stick out. Either that or make a bigger box to hide the straw. I like the straw sticking out better.

I stamped snowflakes on the bottom piece because the cup has snowflakes on it. It was easy to do since I love snowflake so much.

 Here is the inside of the box. Do you see the colourful snowflake on the cup? My 7 years old made that. She was so patience in making it colourful.

She coloured it onto the rubber stamp using the SU markers and them stamp the snowflake onto a Whisper White card stock.

Hopefully 2014 I will be able to create more and blog more. Last year was a rough year for me. I was sick most of the time and was substituting at school a lot leaving me less time to create. But I'm thankful and joyful through all the tough times. God's been there caring for me through it all.

Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Stamping!


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