Sunday, 3 August 2008

Our Family Vacation

Here are some of our photos from our trip to Seaside, Oregon.

Lewis and Clark statue.

Jarod,Faith and Gabriel buried in the sand. They really enjoyed it.

Seaside Aquarium.

The men and the children went crabbing.

Before we left Seaside we took some beautiful family portrait on the beach.
The children was in a big ditch and they did all kinds of funny things. They all cried out "water, I need water." Too cute!
A group photo with friends. They went on vacation with us.
It was a nice and relaxing vacation and everyone was sad to go home. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos.



Susan said...

I love all your pics, especially the last one with everybody. Lots of memories to cherish!

Rita said...

Awesome pictures Deanna, thanks for sharing! That is a beautiful picture of your family...great for framing & scrapping!