Saturday, 13 September 2008

For a Friend

Today is my friend's surprise birthday party. I made this gift set for her. It is a file box card holder. There are eight "Thank You" cards inside this box .

I also did the decorating. I made banners and some favours for the party. The theme was a beach theme and it was hard to find beach stuff at this time of season. What was I thinking. Oh! Well!

Here are the mini pillow boxes filled with two chocolates each
Here are the banners. I got my DH to print out the letters with the pictures of the shells he took during our summer vacation and then I cut the them out. I mounted the letters on black paper. I forgot to take a close up of the banners.

We decorated the balcony with beach towels and paper flip flops along the rials. There were sand toys with no sand on the table.

It was a fun party. It was supposed to be for ladies only party but ended up with the men and children there , too. I think that made it fun. Donna was surprised.


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Beate said...

Great gift set and adorable pillow boxes.
Hugs and smiles