Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Little Something For You Card Holder

Happy Sunday everyone! I made this card for a customer awhile ago. She wanted a gift card to give to a friend on her birthday. So I asked DH to make a gift card on the computer for me. Well, he did a wonderful job on the gift card but there was a slight problem. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate what he did. The gift card was 4"x6" in size. I didn't want him to print another one so I made a card holder that can hold the gift card. That was how this huge gift card holder was made.

This card was 5"x7" in size.

Here is a photo of the gift card. This was one of a kind gift card holder. I don't think I'll be making another one.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Happy Stamping!


charlotte said...

This is gorgeous, Deanna. You and your husband make a good team - will case this one!

Rita said...

Wowza...nice & Big! Big bucks Big card, love the size! I luv the design Deanna too cute! I saw this ribbon design in the catty & knew I wanted to make a card using this idea but have yet to do it. So it makes me appreciate yours even more!!! Way to go kiddo!

SamieVt said...

The colors really compliment each other. I love everything about this card - yes, even it's size. The ribbon technique really stands out and catches the eye. Wonderful job!