Thursday, 11 February 2010

2010 Olympic Torch Relay

Hello, everyone! It was a wonderful day today! My kids and I got a chance to go see the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. When I woke up it was raining hard. I thought should I go or not but we went anyway. Glad we did! I did prayed for no rain when it is time for the runner to pass our way and God answered my prayer. It rained shortly after that. lol We were standing in front of our church with other church members waving our Canada Flags. The kids really enjoyed it and now they can tell their kids about it.

While we were waiting I took some pictures of the kids and friends.

Jarod holding a memento Coca-cola bottle. While we were waiting for the bearer to pass by, the Coca Cola people came by and gave everyone a bottle of coke. I didn't get one though. Missed it! Jarod and Faith got one. Hope didn't and was devastated.

My Pastor

Passing of the flames. We were about 20 feet from where they passed the flames to the other torchbearer and it was amazing.

Torchbearer who ran pass us. My best photo of her. Some lady kept standing in front of me. She moved when the the runner moved. arrg!

One of the torchbearer talking on the phone. This was after everyone was gone and traffic back to normal.


Jeanette said...

Too cool. We got to see it in Colorado for the Utah Olympics. Such a fun day for us. Hope you enjoyed the day. Hurray Olympics

Susan said...

So much fun! I think you got closer than we did. I know Pastor C is so proud to be Canadian! ;) He loves this country like no one else I've known. Go Canada!!!!

Nancy said...

Wow...what an awesome experience. Just gives me goosebumps.

Rita said...

Wow what a great opportunity for all of you. An experience not many get to see. I'm pulling for you Canadians as well as the U.S. The opening show was fantastic!

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