Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Love You Much Heart Treat Cup

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today's project features the Heart Treat Cup. They're so cute!

I made the card that you are able to get to the treats. The tab with the Satin Ribbon (love this ribbon) is where the recipient can take it out to get to the treats.

I normally don't stamp the inside of the card but the treats are making the front of the card heavy and it keeps falling forward when I stand the card up. On the left side of the card you can see a circle hole. That's where you can get the treats out when you pull the tab out from the front.

Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy reading all the wonderful comments! I'll try to make a mini tutorial to answer some questions about the pillow boxes posted here. I'm not sure when but just keep checking back!

Happy Stamping!

1 comment:

helen said...

Another great card! Now I wish I ordered the heart treat cup.

You never know with kids. Sometime when we think they won't like them, it end up the other way around. May be give them small bills and just fold one origami heart or ring for them. Just a thought.