Thursday, 11 March 2010

Baby Shower

Hi everyone! Here are some picture of the baby shower I went to on Tuesday. Aren't these decorations adorable? No, I did not decorate this time! A lady at church did it. It was so pretty!

Decorated tables for us to sit at.

Tables of food.

Little origami boxes filled with cinnamon hearts.

These are my favourites. A cupcake made from a sock and face towel. Candies made from socks. Wow! They are so cute!

Here is a picture of the mother (in purple) with the baby's great aunt. You know what? I forgot to take a picture of the star, the baby! She's the reason for the shower. I got pictures of her when she was 1 week old.
She looks exactly like her brothers.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Stamping!


Susan said...

Beautiful decorations! And yay for a girl after all those boys! Mama's in for a real surprise, huh?! ;)

Barbara H. said...

Those decorations are just darling. I especially love that topiary.

Rita said...

Those decorations are so cute! She's such a beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing your pics.