Thursday, 28 October 2010

Love Box

Happy Thursday, everyone! Rainy day here in Vancouver but I like it that I get to stay home where it is warm inside. More reason to do some stamping.

A friend asked me to make a box cover for her. She made four clips for the table for a friend of hers. I'm not what they are called but you clip them to the four corners of the table to make your table look nice. She had the box bottom but needed the top. At first she wanted me to make an acetate top but I don't have any acetate. So I made a paper top instead.

I made the top to match the colours of the clips. What do you think? I really like it. My DH really loved it. It wasn't hard to make the top but it was hard to tape them together. Not very easy to work with something so big. I had to stamped the swirls 4 times before I get it right. I also made a cardboard backing to hold the clips down. I used the cardboard from the backing of the Designer Series Paper. Those backing are really useful.

Well, I'll be giving this box to her tonight. Our church is having our annual Missions Conference so I'll be seeing her. Gotta go and thank you for visiting today!

Happy Stamping!

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Helen said...

I like it! You did really good with the stamp images.