Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pinwheels Birthday Card

 Hi, there everyone!

I finally made a card with pinwheels. I've seen so many creations with pinwheels so I thought I give it a try. Very easy to make but mine looks kind of flat. I guess working with small scale is not so easy to hold onto while the glue dry.

For the handle I used skewer sticks and covered them with ribbons. The ribbon was covered with sticky strip and then wound around the skewer. I added mini glue dots to the end of the ribbon to give it a nice clean look at the end of the stick. I also used mini glue dots to glue down the sticks onto the card. Hope it will hold. The sentiment was stamped onto Vellum and adhere onto the card with mini glue dots. Wow! This card sure have a lot of mini glue dots. I'm so glad the glue it so light and not weighing the card down.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a good day!

Happy Stamping!

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