Monday, 14 January 2013

Money Envelope Tutorial

Hello, everyone! I took pictures for this tutorial last week and did not get a chance to upload them then I got sick. My whole family got the flu. Terrible! I finally got my energy back.

Thought some of you might like to make the money envelope I've been talking during Christmas. I made this a Valentine one.

I use card stock for the tutorial. Pattern paper is too busy to see the score lines. You are welcome to use pattern paper when you make yours.

1.Cut a piece of card stock at 7-1/2" x 8-1/2". On the 7-1/2" side score at 3-1/2" and at 7". Rotate the paper counter clockwise. On the 8-1/2" side score at  1-1/4" and at 8". The lines are drawn in in the photo are for instruction purpose only.

2.Cut off the pieces as shown in the photo. Discard the cut out pieces. You'll have 1/2" flap at the bottom and the side and 1-1/4" flap for the opening.

3.Trim slightly on the part without the flaps for easy folding.

4.Stamp the envelope before assembling if using card stock or leave it plain.

5.Punch half a circle at the top on the part without the flap. This help for easy access of stuff out of the envelope.

6.Use a corner rounder punch and round off the corners on the 1-1/4" flap.

7.Turn the paper to the inside and add sticky strip to the 1/2" flaps at the bottom and side.

8.Adhere the envelope together.

9.For the closure of the flap at the top, I stamp a scallop circle image and mount it onto envelope but not onto the flap.

10.Decorate the front of the envelope.

You can put money in the envelope or

Add some candies to it.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial. Tell me what you think.



Rita said...

Beautiful! I'll have to give this a try! Looks nice & easy, great easy to follow tutorial.

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