Friday, 17 May 2013

Vacation Pictures

Hello, stampers! I don't have any creative things to show you today but just a couple of pictures we took while on vacation last week. It was an anniversary/family/Mother's Day vacation. We went to Seaside, Oregon. We love that place and really had a good time. The picture above was taken on our 17th anniversary day. We invited one of our friend and her family on vacation with us. They watched ours kids so that we were able to go on a date on our anniversary. She is a wonderful friend. Not only did she watched our kids on our anniversary but also took care of our food bill while we were there. She was such a blessing! God is so good!

We made it a tradition to take special pictures by the beach while at Seaside. Above is one of the pictures of our kids. They are all grown up now from the last time we were at Seaside. You can see the pictures from 5 years ago here.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!



Rita said...

OMGosh Deanna, the kids got so big so fast! They are all so beautiful & handsome...such a beautiful family you have. Happy 17th Anniversary to you both. We celebrate our 41st anniversary on the 29th of May...seems like yesterday & we are still very happy & in love after all those years. Life & God is good.

Helen said...

Happy anniversary. beautiful family you have.