Friday, 25 April 2014

Puppy Bookmark Tutorial

Hello stampers! I made a tutorial for you. I was listening to Christian music and had a heat rice pad thingy around my neck (neck pain) while I made this tutorial. Pretty relaxing! I had not made tutorial for over a year now and I thought I try doing it again.  Not too bad. Just very slow at it.

You'll need a 2.5" x 2.5" pattern paper. Not too busy of a pattern. I tried card stock but it doesn't fold nice.

Fold the paper in half to make a triangle.

Mark at the top of the triangle where it is folded at 1-5/8" from the tip in on both sides. Mark 1" down from the tip to the middle. See photo above where the yellow pattern paper is marked in red. You'll do your marking in pencil. I did the other one in pencil.

Fold on the markings to make the ears.

Fold about 1/2" up at the bottom of the triangle to make the mouth.

Decorate the puppies. I did 2 different ways. The yellow one I drew the eyes, nose, tongue and flowers with a black pen. The other puppy I punch out 2 white pieces of white card stock and drew in the eyes and glue it to the puppy. I drew the nose and then add an upside down heart to make it a tongue. I used the Owl punch for the heart and the eyes.

This one show the nose of the puppies.

Put the puppy peeking in your favourite book or...

showing the face or...

on the top corner of the book.


If you are afraid the puppy will not stay in your book then you can do it this way. You'll need a 2-1/8" x 4" card stock. Trace the top of the dog onto the card stock.

Cut on the trace line and punch the other end of the card stock.

Glue the puppy onto the card stock matching the top and decorate the bookmark. Enjoy!

Make tons to give away! The recipient will love these little cuties! 

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Stamping!


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