Thursday, 11 December 2008

Burnaby Village Museum

Went to Burnaby Village Museum tonight. We experience the life in 1920s. It was fun but cold outside! I love going there.

This is a very tiny house in that village. The ladder on the wall there was where you go up to sleep. We didn't actually get to go in the house but took picture at the doorway. It was section off.

The other side of the house from the doorway view.

This is the inside of a tiny church. People have weddings here. I'm not sure how many it sits. This was also taken at the doorway.

This is the front of a tram but the tram can go either way. It was owned by an Electric company. This tram have electricity and heated.

This is the none smoking side. Did you know that the back of the seats are movable? The tour guide said that you'll always face forward which ever way the tram travel. There is no loop for it to go around but back the same way it came from.
This is where the conductor stand.
This is the smoking section of the tram. Only male was allowed to sit here. Back then women doesn't or allow to smoke.
There is a very famous Carousal ride in the village. My kids love this place. Hope did not want to leave when we rode the last ride of the night. I had to tell her that the horses needs to go to sleep and she was okay with that. Phew!

Well, that was the highlights of our night. Thanks for stopping by!


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