Friday, 12 December 2008

Ladies Christmas Tea

We had our tea party tonight and it was so much fun. It was nice to see everyone's table all decorated differently.

Here are photos of the tables. Skip this post if you are not interested in reading.

This was our table. We did a pink princess theme.

This was our simple centre piece. Very simple.
These are all the place settings I made. I did poinsettias for the Christmas season.

Our group photo wearing our crown.
This was a contest each table did. Each table got a snowman cake (not decorated) with frostings and candies to decorate. We didn't win but we had fun decorating. I don't have the other table's snowmen because I was using my friend's camera.I took a picture of the guest picture but it didn't turn out too good. I was challenged by the message she brought to us. Thank you Susan. You can visit her blog here.

Phew! This was a lot pf photos to upload. Sorry, for the long post.

Happy Holidays!


Barbara H. said...

What a neat idea! All the tables turned out so nicely!

I have seen this kind of thing done but we've never done it at our ladies group. If I may ask a couple of questions -- I assume who is sitting at each table is worked out ahead of time so they can coordinate decorations. Does someone assign who sits where or are they left to work that out on their own? I was at one event where each table had a hostess who them was supposed to invite different ladies to her table. It was nice for me because I was a visitor and only knew a couple of people. I wondered if anyone got missed being asked, if that would make them feel bad, but the hostesses seemed pretty diligent about asking everyone.

And I assume the ladies are to bring their own decorations? If not, if they want to buy anything, does that come out of their own pockets or the church budget?

I'm the ladies' ministry coordinator at our church so I am trying to see how the details would work out if we ever tried this.

Rita said...

Oh, what a great idea!!! I luv it & you all did an awesome job decorating your tables! What fun this must have been for all of you! thanks for sharing!