Wednesday, 8 June 2011

NSR: King James Bible Conference

Big sign by the staircase of our church.

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I want to show you some pictures of the King James Bible Conference that was held by our church GVBC this past Monday and Tuesday. These are pictures of the Bibles display. It was a wonderful conference and lots of things I've learned. Most of them I probably have forgotten. Good thing that all the sermons of the conference were recorded and will be available to watch soon. For now enjoy the pictures.

KJV Bible and a picture of King James. This is the English Bible that made it possible for us to read the inspired Word of God.

This Bible has a lock on it. Back in the old days Bibles were only available in the church. People had to go to the church to read the Bible which means the church had to stay open all the time. Because of this Bibles went missing so they decided to lock it up.

Spanish Bible. These letter openers and the magnifying glass are so pretty.

Pens used to write the Word of God.

Very thick Bibles with a pretty clasp on it.

More Bibles with pretty clasps. I love these ones with the engraving on them.

Cool little Bible scrolls.

Not sure what this is but my guess it is a mini printing press? Didn't have time to ask questions about all these Bibles and stuff on display. Busy tending to my kids and just enough time to take these pictures for you to see.

Well, this is a really long post but I hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures of the Bible display.


susan willis said...

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

jo ann said...

loooved this post!!!

kjv1611_arnel said...

Hello Sis,I am Pastor Arnel Pios from the Philippines.we will be having a celebration on the 400th year of the King James Bible this coming Nov.22-24,2011.Please Pray for us here.there are very few churches here that are standing on and for the King James Bible