Saturday, 4 August 2012

Junior Camp YES!

Hello, everyone! I'm back from 2 weeks of camping. No stamping creations to show you today.Just some camping pictures. I volunteered to help out in the kitchen for our church annual Camp YES! (youth excited about salvation!). I enjoyed serving these young people for the Lord. The photo above is of the camp logo. I'll show you some of the pictures of the Junior Camp first. Teen camp on another post.

Here is one of the games they played during the week. That's Faith in the middle trying her best on tug-of-war.

Faith and her friends. She is so grown up.

Here is one of the skit that the brother Stansford the guest preacher and brother Lawrence did. Such a silly skit but fun to watch.  Brother Stansford is a missionary in Marystown, New Foundland and Labrador.

Here is another one. Brother Stansford was the princess in this photo and brother Lawrence was the Queen.

Hope's new friend Carly. Best friends right away.

Faith's cabin campers and her counselor.  That's my pastor in the back.

Faith and her counselor Jamie Rowe (a  deaf missionary to Peru).

Martin and Superman.


Last day of camp. Another of camp come to an end.

Thank you for visiting today. Hope you enjoy looking at the camp pictures.


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