Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Teen Week Camp YES!

Hello, everyone! Here are some pictures of the Teen Camp Y.E.S! Jarod was so happy he got to go to teen camp this year where all his friends are. Jarod and his friend buying candy from the Tuk Shop. It is place where the campers can buy candies.

Hope and her friend Grace. Her family is a missionary in Quesnel, BC. Their personality is so much alike.

 Kids getting their candies.

Faith and her friend Lindsay. They are junior campers but they are here at the camp because the parents are here helping. It is fun to get to enjoy camp for two weeks.

Game time.

Jarod cleans the washrooms.  I just had to take a picture of him doing something.

This was the camp speaker Al Stone. He's a hoot. This picture is of him as an announcer for the bucket ball game.

Bucket ball game. Kids got so vicious especially the girls.

Jarod's cabin friends. John-Marc was his counselor. The guy in sunglasses.

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