Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Album for Piano Teacher- The Cover

Here are the pictures of the cover of the album.

First, I taped all the pages together then I worked on the front and back cover. I used mat boards for the covers. I taped the designer papers (DP) to the front and back and then decorated it. I put a strip of chocolate DP on the folding part and then a ribbon down the middle of the chocolate DP. This helps the DP paper from tearing in the long run.

I wanted an elegant look to the cover binding not any normal Japanese binding technique. So I drilled four holes through all layers and then tied them together with ribbons. This made it looked very pretty. I hope this keeps the album together for a long time.

See those flowers on those holes? Click on the picture for close up. The holes looked ugly after drilling so I covered them with the flowers. What a genius idea don't you think so? lol

Here is the close up of the cover.

I really enjoyed making the album and I hope the recipient likes it to. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Stamping!

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Joan said...

Your piano teacher is a very lucky lady to be receiving this gift. You've done a wonderful job. Joan