Sunday, 10 January 2010

Congratulations Shaun and Angeli!

This is the couple who got married on Friday. Despite the pouring rain it was a beautiful wedding. This was the dress I helped altered. You can't really see where I altered cause it was covered by the shawl or whatever it is called. In fact, I have no idea how it really looked on her. I gave it to her New Years Eve, she tried it on at home and said it looked good. That was the last time I saw the dress until the wedding day.

Here is a picture of the flower girl, ring boy and Hope (my youngest). They love being together so I got a picture of them. Not easy to get a good picture of them all looking especially Hope. Always fidgeting.


Susan said...

I saw some pictures on Facebook and thought the dress looked so pretty, especially with that little fur cape! I didn't realize it was the dress you had altered - great job! The kids are adorable!

Rita said...

The bride & groom look so happy! Congrats!!!

All the kids look so adorable, thanks for sharing your pics.

Julie A. said...

Great pictures! My two boys were both ring bearers in my sister-in-laws wedding this past October. I was so proud of them. They actually stood still during the ceremony. My husband told me later that he heard my youngest call my mom when he saw her. He blurted out "MeMaw!" and waved to her:)